• blastedheath:

    Ross Bleckner (American, b. 1949), HIM, 1988.
    Oil on linen, 48.25 × 40.25 in.

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  • hipinuff:

    Kurt Schwitters (German: 1887-1948), Wie Senkrecht-Wagerecht, 1926.

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  • wetheurban:

    SPOTLIGHT: Artist Telmo Pieper Recreates Childhood Doodles 20 Years Later

    How can you not appreciate the utter awesomeness that is this project?! With the help of Photoshop, artist Telmo Pieper digitally recreates his old drawings into realistic versions of his childhood imagination.

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  • fer1972:

    Reading the Ocean: Photography by Masyaka-Kusyaka

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    ART: Cesar Santos’ Masterfully Remixed Paintings

    Artist Cesar Santos’ paintings seemingly bring the works of masters – from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century to Modernism – together, juxtaposing their styles one on top of the other.

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  • houkgallery:

    Erwin Blumenfeld (American, b. Germany, 1897-1969)
    Grace Kelly, Cosmopolitan, dress by Oleg Cassini, April 1955

  • houkgallery:

    Mona Kuhn (German, b. Brazil, 1969)
    AD6075, 2013
    © Mona Kuhn/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery

  • scrappadoir:

    "Morning Glory" by Jules Joseph Lefebvre, 1879

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  • kent-andreasen:

    Painted Rock Lobster



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  • tumblropenarts:

    Artist Name: KIMKIMA


    one moment view series 2014- KIMKIMA

    < oil on canvas and paper >

  • leslieseuffert:

    Mark Lyon : Landscapes for the People

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